SAT is the short form of the exam Scholastic Assessment Test. This exam is mandatory for all those candidates who want to study abroad for Undergraduates programmes. The test consists of English Reading, where they test the ability to comprehend and answer the questions as per the text. In the next section, the test is designed to understand the level of the students vocabulary. These are followed by the Maths section which tests the quantitative and analytical skills.

Our PSAT/ SAT Program Highlights:

Novus offers all its students a comprehensive 8 Point Study plan:
Diagnostic Test to evaluate test takers’ ability
• Monitor progress through personalized review sessions after class hours
• Improve test scores through extra tutoring and result orientated strategies
• Enhance aptitude levels through customized question pools and strategic quiz tools
• Thorough revision of grammar and math concepts
• Enrichment of vocabulary and essay writing ability
• Help students to cultivate reading habits
• Conducting daily modular tests

Novus is the Best SAT Coaching & Training Center  which helps students in achieving there dream scores and fulfill there dreams. 

Novus offers quality PSAT/ SAT coaching

that ensures students get the best possible preparation. Here are just a few of the reasons why students should choose to prepare for the SAT with Novus
100+ hours of training
• Most experienced instructors with over 15 years of experience
• Clarification sessions
• 15+ full length tests

SAT Introduction & Background

Any student in India planning to pursue an undergraduate course in the US would need to prepare to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the SAT®.where Novus is the Best Training institute for SAT in HyderabadThe SAT is a common admission test to secure admission in the colleges abroad. The SAT scores and plus two marks combine to become a strong predictor of first-year college success.

SAT Grammar with Novus Education Pvt Ltd…

Core Grammar Concepts Tested on the SAT

  1. Brevity (Keep it simple)
  2. Diction (Word Choice)
  3. Prepositions & Idioms
  4. Subject verb agreement
  5. Verb Tense
  6. Parallelism
  7. Modifiers (dangling & misplaced)
  8. Pronoun agreement with nouns
  9. Punctuation
  10. Essential & Non essential Clauses
  11. Sentence and paragraph order
  12. Relevant Information: Adding, deleting & revisions info.
  13. Understanding Graphs
  14. Comparisons

Key Changes

The new SAT for the first time won’t penalize students for wrong answers, will offer them the option of writing an essay and will no longer test for vocabulary words they likely haven’t heard, according to the College Board. One of the key changes is that the SAT will focus on words students consistently use in college. Changes to the redesigned SAT include an in-depth focus on essential areas of math, context-based vocabulary words, the elimination of the guessing penalty, and “evidence-based reading and writing.” The math section will focus on three areas: problem solving and data analysis; mastery of linear equations; and familiarity with more complex equation. Students are expected to have about three hours for the math and evidence-based reading and writing sections, with another 50 minutes to do an optional essay. The essay was compulsory previously. Novus is the Best couching center for SAT.

we do also provide SAT Classes

  • online Training
Test Components and Features
Prep Resources

The College Board has partnered with Khan Academy to provide online SAT preparation programs and resources for free. The Official SAT Study Guide (Redesigned SAT) is also released by the test maker with 4 real, redesigned SATs selected from the official test pool, all the new, but more familiar question types of the redesigned SAT.

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