GMAT Course Content“Integrated Reasoning” and “Analytical Writing Assessment” are covered in Verbal Classes



2 Month 15 Days

Total Course Duration : 2 and half months

Classes : 6 days a week
Daily Class Duration : 2 hrs

“Integrated Reasoning” and “Analytical Writing Assessment” are covered in Verbal Classes.

Spanning 100 Days

Sentence Correction
Grammar Revision: Subject verb agreement

Parallelism ,Tenses ,Pronouns , Comparisons, Idioms, Prepositions, Redundancy , Subjunctives all the above grammar testing points (concepts will be taught fallowed by application for minimum 20 questions each)

Critical Reasoning
A thorough analysis of different questions types of Critical Reasoning namely

Strengthening ,Weakening, Inference ,Parallel Reasoning ,Assumptions resolve a Paradox ,identifying a flaw and evaluating a situation

Reading Comprehension
– Revision of vocabulary
– Editorial reading
– Analysis of question type
– understanding the RC passage types minimum practice 30 passages or 200 questions
– AWA analysis of an argument min 20 questions practice

Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving

Arithmetic (Averages, Counting Methods, Decimals, Fraction, Integers, Numbers, Percentages, Probability, Ratio & Proportion, Real Numbers, Roots & Powers, Sets, Statistics

Algebra (Absolute Value, Algebraic Expressions, Exponents, Functions, Inequalities, Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations

Geometry (Angles, Circles, Coordinate Geometry, Lines, Polygons, Quadrilaterals, Special Right Triangles.

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