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exam duration of GMAT exam by 30 minutes

GMAC (The Graduate Management Admission Council) is shortened by 30 minutes i.e 4 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes. Before the time used to be 4 hours which is as following

Current Duration is

The time saving are acheived by streamlining the two longer sections of the exam i.e, quantitative and verbel reasoning

  • Analytical Writing Assessment  (30 MIN.)
  • Integrated Reasoning (30 MIN.)
  • Quantitative (60 MIN.)
  • VERBAL (60 min.)


“We are always looking for a way to help candidates to build confidence and streamline the test experience, all with one goal in mind to help GMAT test takers to their very best on exam day” said vineet Chhabra, senior director of product management for GMAC.

Scoring Criteria

The change will not affect GMAT exam scoring as the number of scored question will not change. The scoring algorithm will be the same, the total score and individual Quantitative and verbal section score will be comparable to the exams taken prior of the change. GMAC is providing candidates the better testing experience, while providing business schools with the same high quality, fair and reliable scores.