GRE Verbal – Practice Questions

301.The breathing spell provided by the arms shipments should give all the combatants a chance to reevaluate their positions.

(A) plethora of
(B) moratorium on
(C) reciprocation of
(D) concentration on
(E) development of

302.The notion that cultural and biological influences determine cross-cultural diversity is discredited by the fact that, in countless aspects of human existence, it is cultural programming that overwhelmingly accounts for cross-population variance.

(A) jointly
(B) completely
(C) directly
(D) equally
(E) eventually

303.Because medieval women’s public participation in spiritual life was not welcomed by the male establishment, a compensating religious writings, inoffensive to the members of the establishment because of its , became important for many women.

(A) involvement with … privacy
(B) attention to … popularity
(C) familiarity with … scarcity
(D) dissatisfaction with … profundity
(E) resistance to … domesticity

304.This final essay, its prevailing kindliness by occasional flashes of savage irony, bespeaks the character of the author.

(A) illuminated … imperturbable
(B) marred … dichotomous
(C) untainted … vindictive
(D) exemplified … chivalrous
(E) diluted … ruthless

305.Although his attempts to appear psychotic were so as to be almost , there is evidence that Ezra Pound was able to avoid standing trial for treason merely by faking symptoms of mental illness.

(A) spontaneous … amusing
(B) contrived … believable
(C) clumsy … ludicrous
(D) stylized … distressing
(E) sporadic … premeditated

306.The questions that consistently structure the study of history must be distinguished from merely questions, which have their day and then pass into oblivion.

(A) recurrent … practical
(B) instinctive … factual
(C) ingrained … discriminating
(D) philosophical … random
(E) perennial … ephemeral

307.The natural balance between prey and predator has been increasingly , most frequently by human intervention.

(A) celebrated
(B) predicted
(C) observed
(D) disturbed
(E) questioned

308.There is some the fact that the author of a book as sensitive and informed as Indian Artisans did not develop her interest in Native American art until adulthood, for she grew up in a region rich in American Indian culture.

(A) irony in
(B) satisfaction in
(C) doubt about
(D) concern about
(E) presumptuousness in

309.Ecology, like economics, concerns itself with the movement of valuable through a complex network of producers and consumers.

(A) commodities
(B) dividends
(C) communications
(D) nutrients
(E) artifacts

310. Observable as a tendency of our culture is a of psychoanalysis: we no longer feel that it can solve our emotional problems.

(A) divergence … certainty about
(B) confrontation … enigmas in
(C) withdrawal … belief in
(D) defense … weaknesses in
(E) failure … rigor in

311.The struggle of the generations is one of the obvious constants of human affairs; therefore, itmay be presumptuous to suggest that the rivalry between young and old in Western society during the current decade is critical.

(A) perennially
(B) disturbingly
(C) uniquely
(D) archetypally
(E) captiously

312.Rhetoric often seems to over reason in a heated debate, with both sides in hyperbole.

(A) cloud … subsiding
(B) prevail … yielding
(C) triumph … engaging
(D) reverberate … clamoring
(E) trample … tangling

313.Melodramas, which presented stark oppositions between innocence and criminality, virtue and corruption, good and evil, were popular precisely because they offered the audience a world of .

(A) bereft … theatricality
(B) composed … adversity
(C) full … circumstantiality
(D) deprived … polarity
(E) devoid … neutrality

314.In the current research program, new varieties of apple trees are evaluated under different agricultural for tree size, bloom density, fruit size, to various soils, and resistance to pests and disease.

(A) circumstances … proximity
(B) regulations … conformity
(C) conditions … adaptability
(D) auspices … susceptibility
(E) configurations … propensity

315.At first, I found her gravity rather intimidating; but, as I saw more of her, I found that was very near the surface.

(A) seriousness
(B) confidence
(C) laughter
(D) poise
(E) determination

316.Even though in today’s Soviet Union the the Muslim clergy have been accorded power and privileges, the Muslim laity and the rank-and-file clergy still have little to practice their religion.

(A) practitioners among … opportunity
(B) dissidents within … obligation
(C) adversaries of … inclination
(D) leaders of … latitude
(E) traditionalists among … incentive

317.The proponents of recombinant DNA research have decided to federal regulation of their work; they hope that by making this compromise they can forestall proposed state and local controls that might be even stiffer.

(A) protest
(B) institute
(C) deny
(D) encourage
(E) disregard

318.It is to the novelist’s credit that all of presented realistically, without any or playful supernatural tricks.

(A) elucidation
(B) discrimination
(C) artlessness
(D) authenticity
(E) whimsy

319.Our new tools of systems analysis, powerful though they may be, lead to theories, especially, and predictably, in economics and political science, where productive approaches have long been highly .

(A) pragmatic … speculative
(B) inelegant … efficacious
(C) explanatory … intuitional
(D) wrongheaded … convergent
(E) simplistic … elusive

320.Nineteenth-century scholars, by examining earlier geometric Greek art, found that classical Greek art was not a magical or a brilliant blending Egyptian and Assyrian art, but was independently evolved by Greeks in Greece.

(A) stratagem … appropriation
(B) exemplar … synthesis
(C) conversion … annexation
(D) paradigm … construct
(E) apparition … amalgam

321.Clearly refuting sceptics, researchers have not only that gravitational radiation exists but that it also does exactly what theory it should do.

(A) doubted … warranted
(B) estimated … accepted
(C) demonstrated … predicted
(D) assumed … deduced
(E) supposed … asserted

322.Sponsors of the bill were because there was no opposition to it within the legislature until after the measure had been signed into law.

(A) unreliable
(B) well-intentioned
(C) persistent
(D) relieved
(E) detained

323.The paradoxical aspect of the myths about Demeter, when we consider the predominant image of her as a tranquil and serene goddess, is her search for her daughter.

(A) extended
(B) agitated
(C) comprehensive
(D) motiveless
(E) heartless

324.Yellow fever, the disease that killed 4,000 Philadelphians in 1793, and so Memphis, Tennessee, that the city lost its charter, has reappeared after nearly two decades in in the Western Hemisphere.

(A) terrorized … contention
(B) ravaged … secret
(C) disabled … quarantine
(D) corrupted … quiescence
(E) decimated … abeyance

325.Although , almost self-effacing in his private life, he displays in his plays and essays a strong publicity and controversy.

(A) conventional … interest in
(B) monotonous … reliance on
(C) shy … aversion toward
(D) retiring … penchant for
(E) evasive … impatience with

326.Comparatively few rock musicians are willing to laugh at themselves, although a hint of can boost sales of video clips very nicely.

(A) self-deprecation
(B) congeniality
(C) cynicism
(D) embarrassment
(E) self-doubt

327.Parts of seventeenth-century Chinese pleasure gardens were not necessarily intended to look ; they were designed expressly to evoke the melancholy resulting from a sense of the of natural beauty and human glory.

(A) beautiful … immutability
(B) cheerful … transitoriness
(C) colorful … abstractness
(D) luxuriant … simplicity
(E) conventional … wildness

328.Since it is now to build the complex central processing unit of a computer on a single silicon chip using photolithography and chemical etching, it seems plausible that other miniature structures might be fabricated in ways.

(A) unprecedented … undiscovered
(B) difficult … related
(C) permitted … unique
(D) mandatory … congruent
(E) routine … similar

329.Given the evidence of Egyptian and Babylonian _ later Greek civilization, it would be incorrect to view the work of Greek scientists as an entirely independent creation.

(A) disdain for
(B) imitation of
(C) ambivalence about
(D) deference to
(E) influence on

330.Laws do not ensure social order since laws can always be , which makes them unless the authorities have the will and the power to detect and punish wrongdoing.

(A) contested … provisional
(B) circumvented … antiquated
(C) repealed … vulnerable
(D) violated … ineffective
(E) modified … unstable

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