An extensive working vocabulary is a prerequisite for test-taking success on the GRE Graduate Record Exam.

GRE Word List-3

connoisseur expert in matters of taste
conscript a person compulsorily enrolled for military
consecrate to declare sacred
contend to assert
contentious quarrelsome; causing quarrels
contiguous touching
continence self-control
contrite very sorrowful for a wrong
contumacious disobedient;
conundrum riddle
convention practice widely observed in a group
converge to approach
convex curved outward
convivial sociable
convoluted twisted
copious abundant
coquette woman who flirts
cornucopia horn overflowing with fruit and grain;
cosmology study of the universe as a totality
covert hidden; secret
covetous desiring something owned by another
cozen to mislead by trick or fraud; decieve
craven cowardly
credence acceptance of something as true
credo statement of belief or principle; creed
daunt to discourage; intimidate; dishearten
dearth scarcity
debauchery corruption
decorum proper behavior
defame to malign; harm someone’s reputation
default to fail to act
deference respect; regard for another’s wish
defunct no longer existing
delineate to represent or depict
demographic related to population balance
demotic pertaining to people
demur to express doubt; question or oppose
denigrate to slur someone’s reputation
denizen an inhabitant; a regular visitor
denouement outcome
deride to mock
derivative something derived; unoriginal
desiccate to dry completely
desuetude state of disuse
desultory random; disconnected; rambling
deterrent something that discourages or hinders
detraction the act of taking away
diaphanous transparent; vague; insubstancial
diatribe bitter verbal attack
dichotomy division into two usually contradictory parts
diffidence shyness; lack of confidence
diffuse to spread out
digression act of straying from the main point
dirge funeral hymn
disabuse free from a misconception
discerning perceptive
discomfit to make uneasy; disconcert
discordant not in tune
discredit to dishonor; disgrace
discrepancy difference between
discrete constituing a separate thing; distinct
discretion quality of showing self-restraint in speech or action
disingenuous not candid, crafty
disinterested unpredujiced; objective
disjointed lacking order or coherence; dislocated
dismiss put away from consideration; reject
disparage to belittle
disparate dissimilar
dissemble to pretend; disguise one’s motives
disseminate to spread; scatter; disperse
dissident person who disagrees about beliefs
dissolution disintegration;debauchery
dissonance discord; lack of harmony
distend to expand; swell out
distill extract the essential elements
distrait inattentive; preoccupied
diverge to vary;
divest to strip; deprive; rid
divulge to make known something that is secret
doctrinaire dogmatic; unyielding

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