An extensive working vocabulary is a prerequisite for test-taking success on the GRE Graduate Record Exam.

GRE word list

incongruity state of not fitting
inconsequential insgnificant; unimportant
incorporate introduce something into another thing already in existence
incursion sudden invasion
indeterminate uncertain; indefinite
indigence  poverty
indolent habitually lazy; idle
ineluctable  not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable
inert unable to move; sluggish
ingenuous naive and trusting; lacking sophistication
inherent firmly established by nature or habit
innocuous harmless
insensible unconscious; unresponsive
insinuate to suggest; say indirectly; imply
insipid jibe lacking in flavor; dull
insouciant indifferent; lacking concern or care
insularity  narrow-mindedness; isolation
insuperable insurmountable; unconquerable
intangible not material
interdict to forbid; prohibit
internecine deadly to both sides
interpolate to insert
interregnum interval between reigns; gap in continuity
intimate marked by close acquaintance
intractable not easily managed
intransigence stubbornness; refusal to compromise
introspective contemplating one’s own thoughts and feelings
inundate to cover with water, overwhelm
inured  hardened; accustomed; used to
invective  verbal abuse
inveigh to disapprove; protest vehemently
inveigle to win over by flattering or coaxing
inveterate confirmed; long standing
invidious  likely to provoke ill will
irascible easily angered
irresolute unsure of how to act; weak
itinerant wandering from place to place; unsettled
itinerary route of a traveler’s journey
jaundiced havind a yellowish discoloration of the skin
jibe to be in agreement
jocose fond of joking; jocular
juggernaut huge froce destrying everything in its path
junta group of people united in political intrigue
juxtapose place side by side
kudos fame; glory; honor
labile likely to change
laconic using few words
lambaste to trash verbally or physically
lascivious lustful
lassitude lethargy; sluggishness
latent dormant; potential not apparent
laud praise
lethargic inactive
levee en embankment that prevents a river from overflowing
levity light manner or attitude
liberal tolerant; broad-minded
libertine one without moral restraint
libido sexual desire
Lilliputian extremely small
limn  to draw, describe
limpid  clear; transparent
linguistic pertaining to language
litany lengthy recitation; repetitive chant
literati scholarly of learned persons
litigation legal proceedings
log record of a voyage; record of daily activities
loquacious talkative
lucid bright; clear; intelligible
lucre money or profits
luminous bright; brilliant; glowing
lustrous shining
Machiavellian crafty; double-dealing
Machinations plots or schemes
Maelstrom whirpool; turmoil
Magnanimity generosity; nobility
Malign to speak evil of
Malinger to feign illness to escape duty
Malleable capable of being shaped by pounding
Maverick dissenter
Megalomania delusions of power or importance

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