GRE Verbal – Practice Questions

271.Given the existence of so many factions in the field, it was unrealistic of Anna Freud to expect any of opinion.

(A) freedom
(B) reassessment
(C) uniformity
(D) expression
(E) formation

272.Although specific concerns may determine the intent of a research project, its results are often.

(A) unanticipated
(B) beneficial
(C) expensive
(D) spectacular
(E) specialized

273.To list Reilly’s achievements in a fragmentary way is , for it distracts our attention from the themes of her work.

(A) unproductive … disparate
(B) misleading … integrating
(C) pragmatic … comprehensive
(D) logical … important
(E) inevitable … unsettling

274.People frequently denigrate books about recent catastrophes as morally attempts to profit, from misfortune, but in my view our desire for such books, together with the venerable tradition to which they belong, them.

(A) inopportune …encourages
(B) fortuitous … fosters
(C) treacherous … safeguards
(D) despicable … legitimizes
(E) corrupt … generates

275.That many of the important laws of science were discovered during experiments designed toother phenomena suggests that experimental results are the of inevitable natural forces rather than of planning.

(A) analyze … foundations
(B) disprove … predecessors
(C) alter … adjuncts
(D) illuminate … consequence
(E) verify … essence

276.Although in eighteenth-century England an active cultural life accompanied the beginnings of middleclass consumerism, the of literacy was with the rise of such consumerism in the different areas of the country.

(A) repudiation … reconciled
(B) renewal … inconsistent
(C) promotion … combined
(D) spread … compatible
(E) degree … uncorrelated

278.The trainees were given copies of a finished manual to see whether they could themselves begin to  the inflexible, though tacit, rules for composing more of such instructional materials.

(A) design
(B) revise
(C) disrupt
(D) standardize
(E) derive

279. Many artists believe that successful imitation, far from being symptomatic of a lack of , is the first step in learning to be creative.

(A) elegance
(B) resolution
(C) goodness
(D) originality
(E) sympathy

280.As serious as she is about the bullfight, she does not allow respect to her sense of whimsy when painting it.

(A) inspire
(B) provoke
(C) suppress
(D) attack
(E) satisfy

281. No one is about Stephens; he inspires either uncritical adulation or profound in those who work for him.

(A) neutral … antipathy
(B) infuriated … aversion
(C) worried … anxiety
(D) enthusiastic … veneration
(E) apprehensive … consternation

282.Before about 1960, virtually all accounts of evolution assumed most adaptation to be a product of selection at the level of population; recent studies of evolution, however, have found no this view of selection.

(A) departures from … controversial
(B) basis for … pervasive
(C) bias toward … unchallenged
(D) precursors of … innovative
(E) criticisms of … renowned

283.The new biological psychiatry does not deny the contributing role of psychological factors in mental illnesses, but posits that these factors may act as a catalyst on existing physiological conditions and such illnesses.

(A) disguise
(B) impede
(C) constrain
(D) precipitate
(E) consummate

284.During periods of social and cultural stability, many art academies are so firmly controlled by that all real creative work must be done by the .

(A) dogmatists … disenfranchised
(B) managers … reactionaries
(C) reformers … dissatisfied
(D) imposters … academicians
(E) specialists … elite

285.The First World War began in a context of jargon and verbal delicacy and continued in a cloud of as as language and literature, skillfully used, could make it.

(A) circumlocution … literal
(B) cliché … lucid
(C) euphemism … impenetrable
(D) particularity … deliberate
(E) subjectivity … enthralling

286. Because no comprehensive exist regarding personal reading practices, we do not know, for example, the greatest number of books read in an individual lifetime.

(A) records
(B) instincts
(C) remedies
(D) proposals
(E) commercials

287. In our corporation there is a between male and female because 73 percent of the men and 34 percent of the women polled believe that our company provides equal compensation to men and women.

(A) contrast … stereotypes
(B) difference … perceptions
(C) variation … salaries
(D) resemblance … employees
(E) similarity … aspirations

288.The wonder of De Quincey is that although opium dominated his life, it never him; indeed, he turned its use to when he published the story of its influence in the London Magazine.

(A) overcame … altruism
(B) intimidated … triumph
(C) distressed … pleasure
(D) conquered … gain
(E) released … necessity

289.The reduction of noise has been in terms of its sources, but the alternative of canceling noise out by adding sound with the opposite wave pattern may be more useful in practice.

(A) justified … diffusing
(B) accomplished … tracking
(C) conceived … concealing
(D) explained … isolating
(E) approached … eliminating

290.While Parker is very outspoken on issues she cares about, she is not ; she concedes the of opposing arguments when they expose weaknesses inherent in her own.

(A) fickle … validity
(B) arrogant … restraint
(C) fanatical … strength
(D) congenial … incompatibility
(E) unyielding … speciousness

291.Hampshire’s assertions, far from showing that we can the ancient puzzles about objectivity, reveal the issue to be even more than we had thought.

(A) adapt … pressing
(B) dismiss … relevant
(C) rediscover … unconventional
(D) admire … elusive
(E) appreciate … interesting

292.Usually the first to spot data that were inconsistent with other findings, in this particular experiment she let a number of results slip by.

(A) inaccurate
(B) verifiable
(C) redundant
(D) salient
(E) anomalous

293. There is perhaps some truth in that waggish old definition of a scholar—a siren that calls attention to a fog without doing anything to it.

(A) describe
(B) cause
(C) analyze
(D) dispel
(E) thicken

294.Cryogenic energy storage has the advantage of being suitable in any , regardless of geography or geology, factors that may both underground gas storage and pumped  hydroelectric storage.

(A) location … limit
(B) climate … deter
(C) site … forebode
(D) proportion … typify
(E) surface … hamper

295.The newborn human infant is not a passive figure, nor an active one, but what might be called an actively one, eagerly attentive as it is to sights and sounds.

(A) adaptive
(B) selective
(C) inquisitive
(D) receptive
(E) intuitive

296.Opponents of the expansion of the market economy, although in , continued to constitute political force throughout the century.

(A) error … an inconsequential
(B) retreat … a powerful
(C) disarray … a disciplined
(D) jeopardy … an ineffective
(E) command … a viable

297.Nature’s energy efficiency often _ human technology: despite the intensity of the light fireflies produce, the amount of heat is negligible; only recently have humans developed chemical light- producing systems whose efficiency the firefly’s system.

(A) engenders manipulates
(B) reflects simulates
(C) outstrips rivals
(D) inhibits matches
(E) determines reproduces

298.Scholars’ sense of the uniqueness of the central concept of “the state” at the time when political science became an academic field quite naturally led to striving for a correspondingly mode of study.

(A) thorough
(B) distinctive
(C) dependable
(D) scientific
(E) dynamic

299.Just as astrology was for centuries faith, countering the strength of established churches, so today believing in astrology is an act of the professional sciences.

(A) an individual … rebellion by
(B) an accepted … antagonism toward
(C) an underground … defiance against
(D) a heretical … support for
(E) an unknown … concern about

300..Despite the fact that the two council members belonged to different political parties, they the issue of how to finance the town debt.

(A) complicated
(B) avoided
(C) attested to
(D) reported on
(E) agreed on

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